How to Travel in Complete Comfort for Your Next Trip

Be it for work purposes or vacation, traveling is something that we cannot avoid. Putting up with long flights, bus trips, and other journeys is something that can take a toll on our mental and physical well-being. Now, as you traveling maintains its presence in our lives, you have to learn the art of traveling smarter.

The following are what we consider to be the top 13 travel essentials that can make your traveling super comfortable and easy.

Comfortable Clothing

Comfy clothing is definitely your first step towards comfort. We most certainly don’t want you to turn up in your pajamas to the airport, but you should, instead, switch to loose-fitting shirts or T-shirts, a pair of comfortable lycra-based jeans or pants, hoodies, and, of course, comfortable flats. 

Ladies, please skip your stilettos, as swollen feet are not worth looking good for just ten minutes.

Neck Pillow

Neck pillows can be a source of comfort when you are on a plane, bus, or just waiting in the airport. Specially designed for smart traveling, these pillows are also lightweight and compact.

Sleeping upright can make our shoulders, neck, and head stiffly. Upon waking up, you will feel the strain that can make you irritable and unpleasant from the constant ache. With so many varieties and options available in the market, you can select a neck pillow in various designs and colors. 

Noise-canceling Headphones or Ear Plugs

Screaming children, gossiping travelers, or snoring co-passengers can all be blocked by this product. 

Having said this, you have to ensure that you actually buy headphones and earplugs that really do cancel noise. The reason we are emphasizing this is that there are many headphones and earplugs available in the market that are ineffective.

Eye Mask

Some of us look forward to catching up on any sleep we’ve missed while being on a plane or bus ride. However, comfortable sleeping may not be possible if you are sharing your seat with a passenger who wants to keep their reading light on or if you want to sleep earlier than the rest of the passengers.

In these cases, eye masks can be a godsend. We would recommend you buy an eye mask with a soft material and that is comfortable around your head.

Collapsible Water Bottle

Long journeys are equivalent to dehydration. Due to this, you’ll definitely end up feeling parched at one point or another. Even your access to drinking water may also be limited.

Thus, it is better to carry your own water bottle with clean drinking water. Also, a collapsible water bottle can be stowed away after you reach your destination.

Kindle, Magazines, Books, Comics

You definitely know the importance of having a Plan B if you’ve ever had your phone die due to no charge. Plane rides may not have movie selections fitted to our taste whereas, for bus rides, we may just have to resort to staring ahead to kill time. In such cases, reading books, magazines, or a kindle can be the best way of passing time.

Save Miles to Get A Free Upgrade

If you’re a frequent traveler with the same itinerary then it’ll be wiser for you to stick to one airline and save miles. Doing this will give you privileges such as early boarding, VIP treatment, and business class upgrade. 

Portable Battery Charger

In this technology-centric world, most of us use electronic devices to pass time. As we may not have access to USB charging ports at all times, it’s smarter to invest in a portable battery charger.

With their portable size and lightweight, they’re both convenient and travel-friendly. In addition to this, many portable battery chargers offer the option of charging multiple devices at once.

Toiletry Bag

A bag of your personal care essentials can definitely make your traveling comfortable and hassle-free.

Your toiletry bag should generally contain a disposable toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, and creams. Also, if you need to take medication, you can keep them in this as well. Take care to buy travel-friendly sizes for easy storage and a bag that has compartments.

A Pair of Thick, Warm Socks

Most of us tend to get literal, not figurative, cold feet during our flights. A pair of thick, woolen socks can keep you feeling cozy and warm like no other. However, make sure that they are just the right size. Socks that are too tight will give you elastic band bites whereas too loose will keep sliding off your feet.

Anti-bacterial Wipes

This particular product is for your comfort after you end your journey. Traveling in buses or planes makes us more susceptible to catching germs that can lead to infections such as the common cold. Hence, it is better to sanitize your surrounding area (especially your seat) to keep yourself healthy. It is better to be well-prepared and carry at least 5-8 wipes.

Hydrating Face Masks

Drinking water will keep you hydrated from within whereas face masks such as sheet masks will keep you hydrated on the outside.

The problem with long journeys is that they can leave your face looking and feeling dull, dry, puffy, and just plain, dead. Using face masks can also give you time to pamper your skin for all the love and care it has been deprived of due to your busy schedule. Also, you don’t need to worry about how you may look to others. Maybe you’ll inspire them to carry their own face masks the next time they travel!

An Under-seat Bag

This last traveling essential will help you store all the above-mentioned products under your seat giving you easy access to them whenever you want. There are many companies that offer under-seat bags to make traveling comfortable. It’s advisable to avoid bulky designs with lower-quality material. We are sure you wouldn’t want your bag to fall apart at unexpected times.

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