5 Apps to Enrich Your Travel Experience

With the advancement in technology, there is a simplification in travel experience in that; we use the travel apps for language translator, local maps, accommodation and flights bookings, currency conversion and so on. Travel apps have enhanced our travel experiences making it simpler and cheaper to travel. Various apps are acting as a virtual helper for everyone no matter your destination, which is why you should consider installing the apps in your phone.

The design used in it are for specific software version and travel purpose, you should consider seeking universal apps that can handle all your plans or one that you specifically need for the travel. Let’s look at those Apps that are compatible with most android devices and cannot disappoint your expectations after installation. It includes;
  • Tripit App
If most of your travels comprise of too many flights, airport transfers, and hotel booking contained in different emails, then you have the best App. Tripit App will manage everything for you as you will only be required to forward your confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com which will then put all the details under one folder, allowing you to access them at any time. Moreover, the App also sends an alert on your phone from the details provided in the email in case of flight details, check-in details, and other critical alerts.
  • Travel Math
It is a free App that measures the distance between locations, driving speed, walking distance, time differences, the closest town or airport and so on. It is essential especially if you are new in a new country or location, more so, if you are not good in calculations and quick remembrance of the given directions, Travel Math is an added advantage for that journey.
  • Roomer
You do not have to fear about cancellation fees anymore roomer does it all for you. For instance, if you stuck with a non-refundable hotel reservation, in a hotel that you booked and can’t travel anymore, Roomer allows you to list the room then wait for an update if someone wants that reservation. Simple as one click and you won’t struggle in such incidences.
  • Traber pocket
The App reduces your shopping burden experience in a foreign country as it tracks how you spend thus keeping your budget intact. It allows you to classify your expenditures by card or cash and also to note your expenses in the country’s currency. The App gives you an excellent shopping experience in the new country; you won’t have to struggle with managing everything yourself.
  • PackPoint
It is a free Android App that acts as a packaging generator during your travel plans. You will be required to install the App and fill in all your details, from gender, age, date and year of birth, where you are visiting, and all your other plans. With the information provided the Packpoint App will then analyze the data and give you clothing suggestions, the gear you must carry, your essentials and so on. It is part of what serious employees should have, especially if you do not know how to match your dressing code and colors during a specific occasion.

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