Kiddie Foods for an Acne-Free Skin

Seeing a vast plantation of acne during a breakout makes you wish you are a kid again. Kids don’t grow pimples. As hormonal changes occur within your system, your skin can get compromised along the way.

There are foods that kids in your home love to eat. They can be the secrets to a healthier and acne-free skin!


You know that this sweet treat is loaded with antioxidants that are good for the skin. If you need a remedy to your zits without even buying anti-pimple creams and solutions that can be too costly, why not snack on honey? This ingredient to your sweet desserts has antimicrobial properties.

Propionibacterium acnes, a bacterium, cause acne. You just have to make sure that you don’t let your blood glucose spike fast. Increased sugar levels in the blood can cause pimples as well.

Natural facial masks can also help you restore your healthy skin. There are preparations of these anti-acne masks which use honey. Aside from being an antimicrobial agent, it can also help you with problems with skin inflammation.


You may have heard about the many health and skin benefits in avocado. This is a star to many facial routines. An avocado mask can help your face feel smooth and soft. It has skin hydrating properties as well as removes skin impurities that can leave you with the disastrous pimples.

Mango Salsa

This is a delicious dish that is easy to prepare. Mangoes are rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals. These toxins may cause your oil glands to produce more sebum which can trigger breakouts.

Tomatoes, which are also ingredients to this food, are equally abundant in antioxidants. Both are rich in vitamin C that is known to promote skin health. Prevent and treat acne by preparing a mango salsa treat for the whole family.

Cottage Cheese

Who does not love cottage cheese? This delicious ingredient to your pasta is rich in calcium which has several anti-acne properties. It can nourish your skin deeply; calms inflamed or irritated skin and provide good hydration.

Aside from cottage cheese being an effective remedy for pimples, it is very delicious!


You may have heard how potato chips are bad for the health. They are rich in oil and fat that can trigger a breakout. However, boiled potatoes can help you with pimple problems.

You can mash it and make a natural mask out of it. You will notice that your skin is smoother and glowing after a facial treatment with boiled potatoes. The nutrient copper is responsible for these effects on your skin.

Now, you know that the delicious foods that children enjoy are also good for adults. There are many dishes you can prepare using healthy ingredients that have many skin care benefits.

Load your system and your skin with various nutrients such as vitamins, minerals as well as antioxidants. Aside from being undeniably yummy, snacking on these dishes can help you fight off acne and bring back the vibrant glow to your skin.

Erasing Eye Wrinkles with a Healthy Lifestyle

You may be troubled by the sight of eye wrinkles that make you look older than the rest of your friends. Though fine lines, wrinkles and age spots are part of skin aging, there are so many things you can do in order to prevent lines from starting to appear around your eyes.


The key to achieving a healthier you are through a healthy lifestyle. Having a balanced diet, regular exercise and shunning unhealthy choices can help you spare yourself from age-related diseases as well as premature skin aging.

It is right to say that by living a healthy lifestyle, you can maintain a younger-looking and vibrant skin.


You know that smoking cigarettes won’t do you any good. Tobacco and hundreds of harmful chemicals in cigarettes can compromise your skin’s health. If you are battling against eye wrinkles, you must know in the first place what may have contributed to their development. You will realize that smoking itself plays a major role in making your skin age fast.

Cigarettes contain nicotine and tobacco chemicals that can retard your skin’s natural healing process. These substances cause your blood vessels to constrict making the transport of nutrients to your skin particularly on the most delicate area of the face (around the eyes).

Also, carbon monoxide may bind with oxygen depriving your skin of enough oxygenation. These explain why smoking can cause eye wrinkles. Remember, cigarette smoking does not only kill but also can make your skin age faster.


What you eat may destroy you. Feasting on foods that may affect your skin’s health can leave you with signs of aging such as eye wrinkles. Studies show that eating foods that have low nutritional value can cause deficiencies on the amount of protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are all good for your skin.

You can prevent eye wrinkles by eating foods rich in antioxidants, the compounds which can fight off free radicals. The said toxins can breakdown your skin’s collagen. Also, nutrients like vitamins A, E and C have amazing skin care benefits.

Vitamin A and C help in the synthesis of collagen which serves as the framework to your skin. Vitamin E is responsible for enhancing your body’s natural healing process.

Exposure to UV Rays

You know very well how the sun’s rays contain UV radiation that can affect your skin. They can make you grow wrinkles early because UV rays can cause your collagen to breakdown as well as leave it dry and damaged.

You may have eye wrinkles and it is important that you take care of your skin by staying protected from the sun. Wear a protective sun block with an adequate SPF or sun protection factor.

You can shield your skin from the sun’s rays and prevent eye wrinkles.
You don’t want to have the unsightly eye wrinkles. Its treatment is always not easy. It is important that you quit smoking, eat a balanced diet and stay protected from the sun using a sunblock.

These are tips you must take in order to prevent the development of eye wrinkles.