The Shocking Truth: Fruits Can Also Cause Acne

Fruits are rich in vitamins and antioxidants that can combat acne. There is a bit of misconception on this statement. Do you know that fruits themselves can cause pimples?

You may believe that fruits and vegetables are healthy and can spare your health from diseases including that of the skin. However, studies show that there are a few fruits that can cause acne development.

Fruits Cause Acne

With a healthy diet, pimples and other skin diseases are highly preventable. The shocking truth is that you need to eliminate some fruits in your diet of raw foods in order to prevent zits from growing on your face. What are they?

Culprits to Acne

Chronic inflammation, stress and problems with blood sugar can trigger acne. This means that fruits that are loaded with fructose, a form of sugar, can elevate the glucose level in your blood thus causing pimples. Fructose can easily make the glucose in your system shoot up fast.

Elevated Sugar Levels

Glucose is a food to the cells of your body. It is vital in order to keep up with your metabolism. However, an increase in blood sugar level can cause medical problems as well as compromise your skin’s health. You may be wondering how it happens.

The Hormone Insulin

Insulin is the hormone necessary to metabolize glucose for energy and storage. When you have the condition called hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), the said hormone spikes. This may cause inflammation of the cells which can cause or worsen acne.

You know that this skin disease is marked by growing reddened and inflamed lumps on the skin. It is important to have your blood sugar within normal range in order to prevent acne growth. According to some books, the normal range for glucose in the blood is 80-120 mg/dl.

What Fruits Cause Acne?

Syrupy or sugary foods cause pimples. Avoid eating these sweet fruits loaded with high amounts of sugar that can cause your blood glucose to shoot up.

Examples of these are watermelons, pineapples, peaches, nectarines, plums, tangerines, mangoes and bananas. Now you know that even natural sugars are bad if you are having problems with blood glucose levels as well as acne.

Fruit Products

You love fruits so much that you often find yourself sipping from a bottle of smoothies and juices. These can spike your insulin levels even faster so minimizing these drinks is important in order to prevent breakouts.

There are many factors to acne aside from insulin so try cutting down on your usual intake of fruits for a week and see if your skin problem is because of these foods.

Fight Off Insulin Resistance

You can feast on fruits the way you usually do as long as you have your insulin levels maintained within normal levels. Fight off insulin resistance by having a regular exercise and eliminate body fats.

Through increasing your physical activity, you can stay acne-free without shunning plenty of fruits in your diet.

It is indeed shocking and nice to know that even healthy foods can cause health problems. You just have to remember that too much of anything is bad.